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Top 5 motorcycle ground anchors. MCN Shop Bike theft is a serious issue so we've collated our top five ground anchors from the MCN Shop and Amazon just for you.. Mammoth Security Bolt-In Ground Anchor

The Platipus® Percussion Driven Earth Anchor (PDEA®) is a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions. It offers a lightweight corrosion resistant anchor that can be driven from ground level using conventional portable equipment.
Portable Roof Anchor for Short Term Work. The Kee Anchor range are non-penetrating, free-standing systems that can be easily installed without damaging the roof surface. Modular, lightweight and portable, they can be positioned anywhere on the roof (no closer than 25cm from an edge) and moved as and when required, providing fall protection for one worker or a secure boundary for two users.
Helical tieback anchors are used in conjunction with a variety of earth retaining systems such as sheet piles and soldier piles in order to provide additional lateral resistance beyond what is achievable by a cantilevered wall.
A prestressed grouted ground anchor is a structural element installed in soil or rock that is used to transmit an applied tensile load into the ground. Grouted ground anchors, referenced simply as ground anchors, are installed in grout filled drill holes. Grouted ground anchors are also referred to as “tiebacks”. The basic components of a grouted ground anchor include the: anchorage; free stressing (unbonded) length; bond length.
Trampoline Anchor Kit, Heavy Duty Tie Downs System with Ground Wind Stakes, Product Description This trampoline anchor kit can hold down your trampoline to the ground firmly during windy weather, it is a good invest to protect your trampoline for a long-term use. 5 cork-screw and sharp point can twist into ground deeply and easily, heavy duty ...
Using a sledge hammer (or club hammer for small anchors), force the anchor into the ground, it will rotate when hit and cut a precise thread in the ground. Continue until close to or at ground level. Once in to the required depth, bolt a bracket to the anchor and screw or bolt the bracket to the structure – that’s the job done!
Female Type Anchors - A female anchor is designed for a bolt to be inserted into them. The female anchor is placed in the concrete hole, and the bolt or screw is then inserted through the fixture into the female anchor. Female type anchors require the spotting of the hole. A setting tool is often required.
A hollow one piece ground anchor system which is accredited for memorials up to 3ft high, for memorials up to 4ft 2 anchors should be used. The old style hollow anchor system is a stainless steel tube with a 50mm washer on and two rivets placed on each side of the tube at 2 3/4 inches/70mm from the top of the anchor.
Sep 03, 2013 · Use 3/8″ steel chain to connect the anchors to each corner of the dock, at 45°. How many anchors will you need? For a small, straight dock, you’d want at least two, one at each corner. Criss-cross the chains so that the left corner of the dock is connected to the right anchor, and the right corner of the dock is connected to the left anchor.
Williams Form Engineering is known throughout the world as one of the leaders in the manufacturing of ground anchor systems. With over 80 years of experience we are able to provide product and/or information for virtually any ground anchor application, and if necessary supply on-site technical assistance. Williams manufactures or distributes anchors in all four primary groups of ground anchor systems available on the market today.
Ground anchors are essentially underground staking systems. They offer discreet anchorage of the rootball and are particularly useful for specimen trees or those in highly visible areas where above-ground methods would be unsightly. Tree anchors must be fitted at the time of planting.
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  • The installation of a pier and ground anchor foundation system is frequently accomplished in one working day. WIND LOAD RESISTANCE On non-proprietary systems, the pier and anchor system is the one most often specified by our engineers as an effective means to resist wind forces.
  • The expansion anchor industry has established a minimum standard of ten (10) anchor diameters for spacing between anchors and five (5) anchor diameters from any unsupported edge. When vibration or sudden impact are part of the load conditions, the spacing between anchors should be increased. What types of stresses will be applied to the fixture?
  • It's an ideal way to avoid digging a hole and mixing concrete, it truly is a time saver. The No-Dig Ground Screw comes with 5 lag bolts and 20 in. L of rebar for twisting the screw into the ground. Offers a faster, cleaner and easier way to install your mail post Suitable for installations with most Mayne mail posts
  • The Goalsetter ground anchor hinge system provides a solid foundation to ensure superior performance and durability. Complete installation of a Goalsetter basketball hoop can be done before it is raised upright. The anchor system allows for easy goal assembly with no ladders or scaffold. The hardware uses Magni 577 corrosion resistant coating.
  • Ground Support Hardware, Hollow Bar Anchor Systems Micon Products is the supplier of couplings and sacrificial bits for MAI and IBO hollow bar anchor systems. We supply couplings, hollow core drill bits and other hardware for ground support and shoring anchors.

True to its name, the Ground-Up Anchor System allows a worker to safely install a Fall Arrest anchor from the ground. The complete system consists of a cast-in place (wood or metal decking) anchor receptacle, a removable anchorage connector, a remote grip system, and an extension pole.

The Earth Anchor Foundation System utilizes an old technology, the earth anchor to secure structures to the ground. This application is used in many other industries for holding down guide wires on windmills and utility towers and telephone poles to holding back the earth in retaining walls and many other engineered applications. Home » Ground Anchors . Sub Major Ground Anchor. Price (inc VAT): £100.00. 1 of 3. Double Doofer Removable Ground Anchor. Price (inc VAT): £84.95. 1 of 5. Torc ...
No-Dig Ground Anchor offers a faster, cleaner and easier way to install your mailbox post. It's an ideal way to avoid digging a hole and mixing concrete. It truly is a time saver. Accommodates a standard 4x4 wood post (not included). Includes 5x lag bolts and a 20" length of rebar to twist the screw into the ground.

It’s revolutionary Zoom-flume water system creates a torrent of water that adds even more zip to the zoom. It’s compact size means it can fit almost anywhere, and it’s designed for both above ground pools with decks and 48″ wall. Installs on 3′ x 6′ of deck space, minimum. In white, right turn only. Zoomerang Pool Slide Installation ...

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I am wanting to attach it to some sort of anchor system to hold it down during a tornado. I was thinking of taking an auger and drilling a 6 ft deep hole at an angle. Then filling in the hole with a car rim and then rebar. Then wrap a heavy gauge steel chain through the anchor points on the shipping container and through the rebar and the rim.